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Run postponed

So I went to the gym last night to do my run and a workout however all the running machines were full for the hour I was there, did not feel up to running outside after my workout so as I am not working this evening I am going for a run outside then back to my boyfriends for dinner - that's my motivation for going.

I am trying to alternate my runs one on the treadmill and one outside but we shall see how it works. If it continues on being so busy in the gym I will definitely be running outside all the time.

Will see how it goes tonight - have brought a new sports bra so excited to try it out.

Maud x

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Running outside is so much better than running in the gym in my opinion. I'd ditch the treadmill and go fully al fresco if I were you! ;)


Yes, now that the weather is improving, outside is definitely better, far too hot in the gym!!


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