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Week 5 and lower back pain

I've just started week 5 and for the last week I've had a lot of lower back pain around my left hip/buttock area with a numbness down my left leg. It started after I'd done an 8.5 mile walk with a back pack on last weekend. When I'm running I don't really notice the pain as much but it's there all the time otherwise.

The question is, do I carry on running or rest it? I really don't want to stop unless I have to as I'm scared that once I stop for a while I won't start again! Any recommendations?

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hi. that sounds like sciatica (not sure thats correct spelling) where you get a trapped nerve.

someone recently asked about lower back pain

not sure about whether to stop or not. sorry. but perhaps the advice mentioned above will help in the meantime.



Hi Mrs Miggins and Shelley,

It could also be related to the piriformis which can irritate the sciatic nerve, look here where Shelley complained about pain -

Something is definitely irritating that sciatic nerve, classic signs with the numbness and soreness there.



Good advice from Shelleymcb, sounds like a trapped nerve so I would get it checked out, I don't think if you keep running it'll do any harm but I'd check it out. Hopefully you'll be recovered soon x


Thanks for the help there. I've started doing the piriformis exercises that have been mentioned on here as well as my usual stretching exercises. Hopefully that will help.

I went to see the doctor yesterday (not my regular GP) who seems to think I've probably pulled a muscle! I can't say I was really expecting much more than that I guess, although she did surprise me by telling me to keep doing what I normally do, including running. I wasn't expecting a sick note but I was a little surprised that she said to carry on running. Anyway, if it's still there in 4-6 weeks then she said to go back and we'll see about physio. Somehow, I got the impression she was disinterested!

Anyway, what she did finally give me, the reason I went in the first place, was some stronger pain relief. Took the first one last night and it's the first time I've been pain free in 10 days! Bliss! Had about 5 hours free of pain before it started to return. Also bought one of those microwaveable wheat filled heat pads from the chemists when I was getting my prescription and that was lovely :-)

Went out for a run today (Wk5 Run 2.) Felt ok but dreading that 20 minute run next!


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