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week 6 done

Finished run 3 on Friday probably the hardest one yet! For the first time i'm not sure that I was in the right frame of mind. However once I got going the view along the sea front soon inspired me to get into the right pace. I even managed a 15 second sprint at the end!

Week 7 commences tonight aparantley Laura say i'm a runner now! I guess only time will tell after 3 25 minute non stop runs this week..

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That moment when Laura says "You're a runner now" is a real highpoint of the programme! Well done :)


If Laura says you're a runner then you must be a runner. Well done :)


I'm just a couple of runs behind you and looking forward to being told I'm a runner I don't quite feel it though! Well done and good luck for week 7 :)


Thank sfor all your messages.


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