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Wk 2 R1 done and 2 lb lost

Really enjoyed my run this morning in the sun. It certainly sets you up for the day. I know I said I wasn't going to weigh myself but I couldn't resist. 2lbs lost in a week. I must add that I have not dieted so the loss is purely down to the exercise. Another two pounds this week would be fantastic but as long as my work trousers starting not feeling so tight I will be happy.

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Oh well done, that's fab! What a great weight loss :) keep up the good work!


That is so good! I lost 2lb this last week too, and am hoping to lose another two next week! I'm going to be doing Wk 2 R1 later today - hoping its not too scarey!


Go for it. Its such a lovely day. Its not such a massive step either - its only an extra 30 seconds - Good luck and enjoyXX


I have just completed week 2 run 1 and am feeling very pleased with myself! Im actually looking forward to going for my run on wednesday now.

Keep up the good work everyone! :)


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