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Week 7 run 3 - complete - OOOh Week 7 complete!

Well I am sitting on sofa huffing and puffing and melting slightly after todays run. The whole time I tried to go as fast as I could. I did go faster than the last two week 7 runs so that is progress - but I did really feel that I gave it everything.

My mind is racing - trying to tell myself to listen to Laura and go at a comfortable speed but I want to be faster!

2 weeks of podcasts to get through before I graduate! EEEEEEEEEEEk


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Woo hoo that's great! I think we all want to go faster but it's finding the balance...don't go to fast at the start and ruin chance of finishing the time (that's the most important at the moment) and speed up during the run if you've got more in your tank....always feels good to crank it up for the last 5 mins / 1 min... well it did on the rare occassion I managed it!!

Have fun in week 8!! :)


Well done - Im into week 8 and have actually slowed right down as I find the first ten minutes the hardest so I go really steady and then build up - its about finding a way that suits you isnt it? Its so impressive when you think back 7 weeks ago as to how far you have come.


Like Laura say's go at a speed at which you feel comfortable at , it's not meant to be a race as I see it, but a way of building up your stamina. Cast your mind back to when you started , now that was hard, I don't give it a second thought 90 sec /5 mins runs all the walking what was that put in for, building stamina, I am on week7 and jog 2.7 miles but my recovery rate is only a fraction of what it was since I started.


well done A-M! Nice to get nasty week 7 out of the way, roll on week 8. I am feeling that cos weeks 7, 8 and 9 are pretty much the same, there is quite a lot of opportunity to practice building speed. At the moment I just run really slowley because it's the only pace I feel I can maintain for 28mins. I am going to try and go a little bit faster for w8r2 though.

Good luck!


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