Couch to 5K

Bye bye week 1!!!

I'm feeling very pleased with myself today - I finished week 1 yesterday and I feel great!

I used to run a lot - 18 months ago I could run 10k and did so 2 or 3 times a week, then I developed a medical problem and my knee decided to give up on me, so I had to stop running for a bit, the weight piled on (I quit smoking at the same time) and I lost my cardio fitness and my running legs - I kind of gave up and didn't bother but felt gutted every single time I saw Running Magazine or the like as I got bigger and bigger and less and less fit.... Size 14,16,18 then on to finding the 18s tight.... hmmmm.....

I decided a few weeks back to go back to weight watchers and shift this weight - I'm lost 12lb now and last week I decided that I wanted to run again so bad!!! I dug out my lovely running shoes, couldn't fit into my size 12 tights so put on some old joggers, found my ipod and downloaded the C25K and off I went. Its so hard,.... running for a minute and everything jiggled - so not good. Run 2 was better, run 3 was brilliant, I loved it!!

I'm feeling so much happier, the weight is going down - 2lb this week, my shape is changing and I feel that just maybe I will be able to run again. I'm going to work up slowly a week at a time but the thought of running 5k again in 8 weeks time nearly brings me to tears - I'm not sure that I'll be able to.... but I so want to! I want to feel that freedom that comes with running, to feel the power in my legs and my lungs - this time without the cigs - how wonderful it will be!!!

So.... I'm here now, I'll be checking in and recording my journey to prove to myself that its for real and hopefully meet some lovely new like minded friends too along the way :-)

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Well done! What a great step that you've taken, good luck with the weight loss too! Fingers crossed you get back into those skinny clothes soon! What an achievement :D


Well done, you've made a lot of changes there ! I'm trying to work my way back down a few sizes of clothes too, size 12 is the next target :-)


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