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Week 8, Run 2.....with jetlag

Just got back from week 8, run 2. I was travelling in the US last week and missed one of my regular running slots out so I was a bit apprehensive this morning about how I'd do. However, it's a beautiful morning here and managed all 28 mins with (relative) ease. Using I reckon I ran for about 4.5 km so I'm hoping to hit the magic 5k when I run for 30 mins. Who'd ever have thought a dedicated, seasoned and expert coach potato like me would've got to the point of running for 5k after only a few weeks?

Next Sunday I'm doing the Sports Relief 3 mile run in York. When I signed up a few weeks ago I was a bit nervous that I'd not be fit enough to do it and that I'd end up walking most of it. Now, well......I don't want to tempt fate, but I actually feel confident that I can do it.

Good luck to everyone else this week and especially to those of you who are running for Sports relief as well.

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Think you are doing amazing....I'm not at 4.5km yet and only have one run left!

I think you'll do fab at the Sports Relief 3 mile run....the encouragement of others will see you through. Good luck (not that you need it!)


Wow, well done! That's great, what an achievement!!!


That's great, 4.5k already. Thanks for mentioning , I've just had a quick glance at it and there are some trails marked out already in my area. I think this looks useful and interesting, so thanks again. It's helpful to get tips for running sites.


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