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Naughty, naughty - not the way to do it!

I finished week 3 yesterday and started week 4 today as my daughter asked to run with me and I couldn't resist. I run at lunchtime normally during the week so we can't run together then.

We had a great run and I am still aching now, I know it's my own silly fault for running again without a rest day, but you know what, I don't care - it was worth it!

Enforced day off tomorrow as I do need to be to still walk next week and have to help with the Mothers' day preparations.

Good luck to you all and good running! :-)

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Tut Tut, but I went and ran on both Friday and Saturday and this morning as I sit here my knees are very broken, hopefully back to the hills tomorrow!

But take your rest, it's there for a reason.


I've been naughty too. I did W3R3 on Friday on the treadmill, followed by running a km just to see if I could. Then went on a free local run outdoors on Saturday morning - that was an extra and tougher than the treadmill. Today I went back to the planned W4R1 on the treadmill. I did manage it, then did a stint on the resistance equipment and vibration plate then another km on the treadmill just to see if I could. I ache a lot now but I did hurt my back a bit trying to lift too much weight on the leg press. That'll teach me ! Rest day tomorrow......


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