Week Three done - First fly in the eye ; )

Week three done! That's a third of the way through. Cool!

I had my first experience of a fly in my eye on run one which was a bit annoying but I refused to stop while I tried to get rid of it. I'm finding that I'm not hurting very much although I can feel my muscles more. The main thing that I find difficult is how hot I get, I'm not necessarilly too out of breath, just very hot and then I feel very cold when I get home. I did OK adjusting to the three minutes at a time although the last three mins of run 3 were a little harder against the wind. Hope to start week four tomorrow or Sunday but feel a bit nervous about getting though 5 min runs at a time! The walks in between will be welcome.



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  • Well done! I've just done w4r1 and was a bit daunted when Laura said the next run was 5 mins. I did as she said and kept to a gentle jog and it was fine. 2nd time I needed that encouragement to keep going for the full 5 mins and would really have liked to stop but it was worth the effort to push through. Here's to getting fitter. Keep going, we can do it.

  • Well done! I've just done it too (w3r3), so I know how you feel, although I'm having the weekend off (from running) and starting week 4 on Monday :-)

    Good running!

  • Thanks both. Hoping to get out first thing in the morning and run to my Nan's. I'm quite excited. I'm finding I'm disappointed on my days off that I can't go out. I just want to do it! Roll on week 9!

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