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W3R3 completed, plus a bit extra !!

I thought I'd struggle with my W3R3 of C25K "run" today - my sides still ache from yoga on Wednesday and then did lots of side stretches as well as circuits at my weight loss class last night (lost another lb!) and woke up with horrible stomach ache this morning. I wasn't going to not try though so I was at the gym for 7.00am. I managed to be quicker than last time and, as a bonus, the stomach ache had gone by the time I'd finished. Followed that up with some sit-ups on the vibration plate and then I wondered if I could manage another three minutes running on the treadmill, got to three minutes and wondered if I could manage 5 minutes. By 5 minutes it was reading 0.78 of a kilometre so I thought I may as well try to run the whole kilometre. Hurrah, I managed it !! 6.41 minutes so probably pitifully slow :-), I don't know what a good speed is at this stage. I'm starting to believe that getting up to a 5km run in another 6 weeks might be possible.

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Well done, you seem to be packing in a lot of exercise. I always feel the yoga is probably what helps prevent too many aches and pains in my muscles but I definitely find it harder to get going on a morning run after a hard yoga class the night before.


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