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W3 R2 I actually managed it!

Today started out with me not wanting to get up and go out this morning. I found run 1 hard and thought today would be just as bad (forgetting wk1 was like this also).

Anyhow I got myself out there and actually managed to run all the way to the end of each bit of music. I even put in a tiny little incline! Felt really good after it, glad I pushed myself out there. I know if I hadn't the guilt would have eaten away at me..

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I'm at the same stage as you! I did run 2 of week 3 today too. I found the three minute run a little easier than last time. Like you I'm glad I did it. Each time before I go out I get a little urge not to and just want to get back on the couch but I always feel better for getting out there.


Well done! The feeling afterwards makes it all worthwhile! Good luck


Congratulations! I'm a day behind you, so will be doing Week3 run 2 tomorrow. I'm hoping the 3 minutes feels less like an hour this time.


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