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woo hoo Week 4 run 1 done!

I really didn't think I could do Week 4, was considering doing week 3 again and getting a bit down, perhaps yesterdays cycle trip was a bit too far, but thought nothing ventured and so on. Went to the gym with the other half, we push each other to go so no chance of slacking! when we got there it was really really busy with no parking spaces - mmm perhaps we should go home and try again tomorrow, but suddenly a space appeared - bugger! no backing out now, so went for it and yes yes yes I ran for two lots of 5 mins! Laura said I was running more than walking, I could have cheered! just need to do it again Weds, going to go outside if the weathers kind. hope everyone else is doing well, nearly half way through, can't still believe it!

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well done thats brilliant X


week 4 was my hardest - now i'm on week seven - congrats and keep going.


Thanks for the messages, have just done wk5 r1 its going so fast! Good luck to all, wk 4 was ok until r3 that was hard! Good luck with week 7


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