Week 6 Run 3 done!

I have done every run so far on the treadmill in the gym. Because I had never done any running before I thought it would be best to start off at a consistent pace, no hills or wind and up until today it has worked fine. I was a bit apprehensive about this morning, (no more walking just running) and although I managed it I found it really dull! Thinking I might venture outside but not sure whether to restart week 6 to get used to running outside but that means I go back to intervals which I don't really want to do (found w6 r2 & 3 harder with the walking!) or to just carry on with week 7? Any advice gratefully received.

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  • I would carry on with week 7, but just take the pace nice and easy. I think you'll enjoy it outside!

  • Yes - I'd just carry on too. You might like to find a route without too many hills to start with, but to be honest I've had hills/inclines from the start due to where I live, and it's been fine, so long as I growl at them if they look really nasty. You know, a kind of 'grrrrrrrrrr' in your head...? Yep - outside is much nicer - and I've been running in the dark since January!!

  • Oh yes, outside is definitely much nicer! Go for it! Just remember to keep slowing yourself down, as it's so easy to speed off at first without the treadmill maintaining your pace.

  • I've done all mine outside, even when it was snowy. I see a heron in the park most days, crocuses emerging & flowering, and at this time of year it just keeps on getting warmer. Can't beat it!

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