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Week 5 run 1 - done - and outside!! :)

So, after reading all the posts here about running outside and after running outside (ok puffing along) for 2 weeks in the Scottish highlands and loving it before I started this programme on my treadmill, I decided I was going to bite the bullet and drive to the local park this morning (with husband in tow who had done a 10K run the evening before)…. and it felt great!!

My only challenge was the fact that there is now a mountain in my local park which I don't ever remember seeing before and you may not think there is a mountain in Manchester to rival Ben Nevis, but there is. That's how it felt to me anyway as I'm used to running on the nice and flat treadmill!

Went out in my new Sue Sylvester from Glee Adidas running jacket (tall and blonde I am not, but it does remind me of her when Iook at it) and apart from a few people around with dogs who ran to us wanting to throw sticks, the dogs not the people ;) it was very quiet and just lovely.

I'm thinking I may go out and do the outside run once a week, I don't think I'm ready to tackle the harder remaining runs of this week outside just yet, although that may change when Wednesday arrives for week 5 run 2.

The run itself was great, I kept thinking to myself that as I'd done two 5 minute runs last week then another 5 minute run is no problem and it really wasn't. I'm thinking the same about week 5 run 2, as it being just another minute on top of todays and then week 5 run 3 is just another 4 minutes on top of that.

Lovin it!! :)

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thats great to hear. from one treadmill runner to another, go girl :)

I too have recently ventrured outside to do all the week 5 runs & even went out on my own ~ yes, all by myself & without the support of my week 5 girls ~ & managed 36mins a couple of days later. not the 45 I was aiming for but close enough.

& I also found a monsterous hill that was just soooooooo long.

good luck with your next run. Id do it outside, wink wink X


Yeah!! Outside!! :)

Aye I've noticed you can find hills in the seemingly flatest of places :)


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