Couch to 5K

Week 7 - quite hard

I think Laura's right (she always is) about it getting a bit monotonous at this stage. Not having the thrill of improving and getting little walk rewards is quite relentless! Although I know I can do it now so it's purely a mental thing, I am just feeling less enthralled about getting out of bed and running - maybe it's just today.

I am def. gonna have a change of route soon, and maybe try to speed up - I feel like I am running so slowley. Sometimes it takes what seems like forever to overtake walkers! My cat is basically sitting on my keyboard and making it very hard for me to type so enough for now.

Good luck runing everybody!

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It is quite hard, but more and more (I'm in Wk8) I'm finding that I don't need to concentrate so much on keeping my body moving to the exclusion of everything else. I'm starting to see what people mean about being able to enjoy the scenery, or think things through on a run.


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