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Where to start up again after injury rest?

Hi everyone,

I got to week 6 run 1 and stopped due to a case of knee pain (runner's knee) in my left knee. I have been resting, icing, compressing, elevating and a bit of stretching and have now gotten back to about 95% better I think. I plan to go and get a gait analysis done in a few days for some new trainers, and then start up running again. By that point it will be just over 2 weeks' rest. I am trying to figure out where to start back up again. I dont want to overdo it, but I dont want to get too behind as I am on track to run the Bupa 10,000 at the end of May. I am thinking of doing week 5 run2, then doing week 6 run 1, and continuing from there.

Does anyone have any general advice on (1) how far back I should be going after 2 weeks' rest and (2) should I do anything else before starting to run again or am I ok to just start running again?


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In terms of fitness, I don't think you need to go very far back at all - I had 4 weeks' break due to illness (not the same as injury, I know!) and only had to go back 2 sessions, then was able to move on at normal pace. I was really surprised at how my fitness had maintained. The injury might indicate a different approach (and others will be better-qualified to comment on that), but certainly your stamina shouldn't be too affected, in my experience.


I think as soon as you get your new trainers you could start walking, to loosen you up before you run again, and also to get used to them.

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