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So this morning I headed out feeling quite positive. I had listened to the podcast last night to give me an idea of what to expect thought it sounded ok, 3 min runs i'd give it a go...

The first run went well managed the 3 mins but you can def tell it's the longest you have run so far, the 2nd 90 sec run I stopped about a sec before the music..and I prob managed about 2mins 56sec on the last 3 mins. It was tough going I thought but then so was running for just 1 min a couple of weeks ago so I'm hoping it will get easier and I get a sense of achievement this week as I did on wk 1.

Have sore shins today is this technique (I don't lift my legs high..) or just part and parcel of running?

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well done you! ive just finished week 3, before you no it your be through it to:) as for shins no idea, i only seem to ache/hurt on my ankles, knees, thighs, bottom, lower back and arms, my shins seem just fine!


My shins hurt a lot at the end of the first week. I ignored it and they seem to have improved - but I don't know if this was the right thing to have done. I googled it and found conflicting information, some people said carry on running and others said rest completely. I read somewhere that compression socks are good for sore shins but I haven't tried them myself. Have you been to a decent running shop to be assessed for the best shoes for your running style ? I did because my feet were so painful and I was really impressed with the advice I was given, the shop assistant was able to tell from watching me run on the treadmill which foot was the most painful and recommended shoes with extra arch support. These made a world of difference. I had to pay about £85 for the shoes but if you are committed to the C25K it is well worth it.

I've been trying to concentrate more on making my heel hit the ground first, which made me sound quieter so presumably there's less impact. I also tried following Laura's tip today - trying to run less bouncily. Again, I sounded less noisy and stompy on the treadmill but kept slipping back into my usual inelegant bouncing ! I do wonder if my stompy running puts more pressure on my shins. I think I need to concentrate a bit on technique.

After running, I usually do some exercises on the vibration plate at the gym and I think that helps me feel less achy afterwards.


early doors its likely part and parcel. Part of the early weeks is a wonderous tour of all the weak spots in your body. They strengthen up in time. I am now all the way around my strenghtening and seem to be back at my shins again! This is supposed to be an easy sport, just put on your trainers and run is what they say :-D

For all sorts of reasons, not just this, you should defo have a decent pair of shoes though.


I don't know where you're doing most of your running, indoors or out, but I found my shins only hurt when I ran on the treadmill - they're fine outside (plenty of inclines round where I live :-) ). My boss who is an inveterate gym-goer says to always raise the incline on the treadmill to 0.5 or 1 which apparently helps avoid this. Hope this helps....


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