Couch to 5K

week 1 run 3

So it's Saturday and after a not too boozy night last night, I have known all day that this final run of week one is there in front of me. It took me til 5pm to go for it!! I did feel as though I struggled this time, however I did complete it and I am so proud of myself, having previously been the queen of procrastination!!!! After today I'm not sure if I should repeat another week 1 or go for week 2 and see what happens. I'll keep you posted....Monday here I come!! Thanks to everyne who has commented on my previous posts. The support from this forum is a big reason why I continue with this. Cheers!!

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Week 2, week 2, week 2!!!! Go for it Soroka - and WELL DONE!!!


thanks juicydee I appreciate your comments and support!!


Week 2, go for it you can do it !

Week 1 for me was really hard and I've just finished w9 r3 ! If I can you can - really :)


Yes I say go for week 2 and see how you get on, I think you'll surprise yourself :)


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