Couch to 5K

Four runs this week

A gentle jog along the towpath this morning brought the number of runs this week up to 4, 3 on the treadmill. This morning was my first outing into the big wide world for quite some while.

Same again next week, then I'm planning to add another outdoors run. After that it's all about upping the distance and adding the dreaded intervals, eek!

Had a play with Endomondo today too, I rather liked it. I tried the MapMyRun app some time ago, but couldn't get on with it. This is much better. Although I don't think it'll take the Garmin off the wish list!

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Hope you enjoyed your run outside! I'm doing the same thing and getting back into the running easing up the time and distance gradually. It's great to hear that you're back at it!



Well done. I ran outside again today, first time in a few weeks, and once again it was a nightmare and I'll be paying for it tomorrow. Still think that a combination of outside and inside is a good idea though...


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