Couch to 5K

Week Two done. Nearly swept away!

I did my week two runs on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. Saturday I did a good distance and was chuffed my my new gear. Monday and Wednesday were a bit more difficult because the wind seemed to be conspiring against me! I was very tired on Wednesday but I made myself go for a run before I settled down for the night and despite it being my shortest distance I was pleased I made myself do it. Too easy to use excuses not to. So, it's now Friday, I am going to start week three this weekend and just hope it's not impossible. Hope you're all doing OK too. Great reading everyone's posts at different stages, it spurs me on.



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well done for the first 2 weeks. new gear? what did you buy? amazing how new gear makes you feel more like a runner :)

good luck with week 3



Thank you. I bought a new T-shirt, jogging bottoms, and a pink gilet type thing which is useful because it has pockets for my phone and iPod. Not really a pink lady usually but thought it's best to be visible!


Well Done! I,ve just finished W7R3 but cant quite gear myself up to running outside! So good on Ya x


Well done. I started Week 3 yesterday and was a bit apprehensive about the 3 minute runs with them being double the time of the week 2 runs but it went brilliantly! Am looking forward to run 2 tomorrow morning.


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