Couch to 5K

Week 4 - done! :)

So, I've now ran for a total of 16 minutes in one session (x3) and I'm amazed at myself! I am loving my new 'hobby' so much, I just wish I'd done it years ago.

Run 1 - Was very nervous to do this run as I've never, in my entire life, run for 5 minutes in one go. So I was really pleased when I did today's run and didn't find it too difficult at all. Am beginning to believe I can do this now and can't believe that only a few weeks ago I could only just run for 1 minute :) The only problem and it's not really a problem, is that afterwards, for at least a couple of hours I look like a tomato!!

Run 2 - A good run but I was very tired, I seem to be tired when I do my second run of the week, I put that down to it being on a Wednesday, which is the day after my weigh in when I allow myself a treat and it definitely shows the morning after in my physical tiredness. But I did it, didn't feel bad at all and again very happy with how I'm doing.

Run 3 - another good run, as I run on the treadmill I usually keep an eye on the time, but this time I just waited for Laura to tell me how long I'd got and it was better than watching the clock! Felt much better than run 2 as I wasn't tired at all. Ran in my new Race for Life tshirt to inspire me as I've registered for July and I even went on the cross trainer afterwards. Really looking forward to week 5 next week strangely enough.

I think this community of fellow C25Kers is fantastic. I read every post and think we are all doing brilliantly, whatever level we're at.

So I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you for helping, inspiring and motivating me. Here's to us! :)

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Well done, now onto week 5. Just a bit of advice for week 5, don't look at the clock, put your faith in Laura and enjoy yourself. Run 3 may sound really daunting, but if you have run the programme properly, then the challange is in your head and not in your legs. So week 5 is a race against your self doubt rather than your physical ability.

You can do it.


Well done on completing week 4 - I completed week 4 myself last night so its nice to know someone is on the same level as me! I'm nervous about the big one at the end of the week 5 but at the same time trying not to think about it too much! You can do it though - Laura really knows her stuff! Soon it'll be week 9 and you'll be wondering what all the week 5 fuss was about hehe :)

Keep on running :)


ooooh well done you :) I'm out for my Wk4 r 3 a little later today :)

Agree not a problem for tomato impression, or any other looking a bit rough and disheveled - my new tactic post run is to avoid mirrors :)


Well done ! Sounds like you are going great. I'm in week 4 r2 on monday and really enjoying it as well. Never tought I would look forward to an early morning run ...but I do!


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