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Week 6 complete phew!

Did the 25 minute run last night ... I thought the ipod had stuck when Laura said I had run for 5 minutes ... I felt I had been running for much longer .. so it did seem like an age til she said I was half way through... it then got better and the fact you are more than half way through keeps you going.....

I find the first few minutes are the hardest til you find your 'stride' and settle more into the run and switch off.... so to speak!

Two weeks now til 3 miles for sport relief - the prorgramme has been so good as you really can do what it tells you if you stick with it knowing you are really getting fitter by the day...

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Well done on 25 mins!! I too am signed up for the Sportrelief 3 miles but am a bit behind you, having completed w5r3 this week. I'd hoped to finish the programme well before the race but had 4 weeks out due to illness, so I'm pleased I've picked up again so well. However the 3 miles is looking a wee bit scary from here!! Let us know how your build-up goes......


Hi Jo

I'm so pleased for you Welldone, I'm heading out on Wk6R3 tonight and really not feeling it at the moment but am determined to do well. Your post has reminded me that the first start of the run is the worst and to stick with it. Who would have believed that before this programme? Thanks for posting you've inspired me tonight ;-)


hey jo,

firstly awesome, well done.

i comleted my w 6 r 3 this am and as you say once you find that rhythm it all falls into place......

the comment 60 secs to go push if you feel like it was OMG!!!! feel like crawling but got there.

i have down laoded endomondo on my phone and it tells me that during this am jog i set a new 1km PB of 6 mins and 8 secs (30 secs off previous best )

bring it on i say!!!!!


Hi fellow couch to 5k buddies

Bring it on as you say!

I must read your latest posts to see how you are getting on

How did the last one go Mavis?

Week 7 R1 done - again I found first few minutes the toughest but do-able for sure - kept going for 30 mins and covered 2.7 miles

We should all feel justifiably proud!

Best wishes to you all and thanks for the wishes


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