Couch to 5K

Count down begins....5 to go until graduation

Well tomorrow its w8r2 and am not feeling all that enthusiastic about it but the title above has just given me a little boost....8 weeks ago didn't think I'd get this far. So YAY me!!!

I will make myself get up early and go out as can't face the thought of doing it Saturday morning as out for a curry & vino tomorrow evening. OK, running going fine but diet not so well. Oh well next week another new start!

Living in the centre of town I don't see much wildlife on my run, only distraction is dodging people down the high street (why are they up so early????). So following on from other blogs I will keep my eyes peeled and see if there is anything out there :)

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Well done you, You are so nearly there, I found week 9 the hardest but I think it was a mental thing ( not that kind of mental) ;) Keep going and push yourself to the limit, it is worth the feeling you get at the end....after you have recovered!!! Look forward to reading how you get on , happy running :)


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