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I smell the grass!

Got to go outside today (I've been running the last few on the treadmill) and I forgot how brilliant it is. The sun was shining (vitamin D much needed) the sky was blue, the breeze was cool and the sensation of smeling the grass (and the cows, as I passed!) was really uplifting.

As for the run; well I did 26 minutes and struggled on the last 3, so I started counting to 50 (never done that before but read it on here somewhere) and it really worked because it made me forget about the hill.

On the walk home I remembered that in the old days (this time last year!) I used to go through all the niggles at the beginning; aching shins?/tired legs?/ hurting knees? etc but now my body seems to cope fine (touch wood). I'm sure it won't be long before I get back up to speed :)

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