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Week 6 Run 2 - Doh!

Had a slight blonde moment this morning!

Set out for my run at 5.50am, all was going well(ish) I was coughing a bit because it was cold and my legs felt slightly heavier than normal but I persevered.

It came to the second 10 min run and I thought I would take a different route since last time I had to run round in circles to finish the podcast. I had a vague idea where I was going but when I turned to go up the road it was quite a steep hill. I was so focused on getting to the top of the hill that I actually went way too far and missed the road I should've turned down. The podcast finished and I was feeling pretty good, then I looked around me, WHERE THE HELL AM I?!

It dawned on me I was about 30mins walk from my house and it was already 6.25am and I usually start getting ready for work at 6.30...argh! So I had to start running again, I probably ran another 10 mins with a couple mins walk inbetween. Got back at 6.45 and it was a mad rush to get showered/dressed and out the door to catch my bus.

What a silly bugger and now I'm knackered :( Going to give myself an extra rest day before I attempt Run 3.

I've just checked my distance on Endomondo and I covered 6.3k in total (including walking)...oops, Laura wouldn't be happy with me!

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thats really funny, but go you running all that way I'm impressed


Haha that is funny but well done for the extra run! At least you caught the bus :)


I am so impressed! The idea of doing any more rnning (even if involuntarily) when I have finsished a run is beyond me! Well done! Just imagine how 6 weeks ago you'd probably have missed the bus so you're doing well!


Thank you all, I did have to laugh at myself for being so directionless.

I wouldn't think I was capable of running further either, but nothing like a bit of panic to spur you on! I'm starting to suffer for it now, going to need a nap when I get home. All in all not something I would recommend.


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