Couch to 5K


just finished wk6 r 2 yeah!!

felt i could run more during 1st 10 mins so i did :)

so i reckon ran for 12 mins recovery for 90 sec and 10 min run to it when you get into the zone where body, mind, pace and breathing all feel right....


if i keep going at the rate of run rest run a local 5k fun run to promote mens health (Annual event ) will occur 3 days after completion of wk8 r 3.....

will i be ready?

willing to try my best

waht do you guys who have neared the end or completed 9week programme it doable?

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go for it. what have you got to lose. you can always walk if need be but by then you will have run upwards of 25min runs for 2-3 weeks & Im sure the buzz from the day will push you through.

good luck.


I'm in a similar position - just finished week 5 today (yay!!) and have signed up for the Sportrelief 3 miles on March 25th so will have probably done no more than week 8 run 1 by then. I'm making the same assumptions as shelley - that I can walk if I have to, and that the occasion will speed me along. Worth a go I reckon - good luck and well done!! Let us know how you get on.....


likewise I am in the same position - I will finish week 8 just before sport relief - as you know though week 7 onwards there is no more walk / jog routine ... so i think it is just about building up a bit each time isnt it - the only thing I am getting my head round is not doing a 5 minute warm up walk for the sport relief event (well I guess I can but dont want to start off that way!)... best wishes to you all - it is so impressive to even think about such things when we couldnt have contemplated it 2 months ago...!!


thanks all yeah i'm coming to the same conclusion

and after completeing w 6 r 3 this am 25 mins running im well on track

good luck to all and i deff think the warm up walk is important

i plan to do it just prior to start time for me


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