Couch to 5K

Week 8 starts tomorrow

Hopefully I'll have sorted my technical issues and Laura will be with me for the whole run ...doesn't she know I need her!!!! If it all goes wrong then I'll be rocking to some 80's classics.

Have decided on a flat run for tomorrow with the aim that I can actually cover 4km running....should be doable or nearly!

For the first time I'm not really looking forward to the run...legs still feel a bit heavy after yesterday but I'll give it a go..I need an incentive so keep telling myself 6 runs to go until I can get a treat!!

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You are doing really well. I've finished the C25K as you know but still have not reached 5K but like you I wonder if I could manage it on the flat. My usual run is pretty hilly, especially on the return journey. I think I may have made this harder for myself on this particular route so might try a flat run soon. Good luck for the coming runs and hope Laura sticks with you. :)


Thanks Blueboots. :) I did it...well the 28 minutes!! In fact it was just over 28 minutes as problems with the podcast (what am i doing) so ran with Wham, Billy Ocean, Swing Out Sister, Cyndi Lauper and a few others. Have to say they were great company and I was so relieved to hear Fergal Sharkey as that was the signal I'd finished the run.

Didn't cover 4km...will work out how far I did go when back from workk but it was probably around 3.5km...went out a little fast!!! Lesson learnt - concentrate on running 28 mnins the distance will come!

On to run w8r2 on Friday


did 3.9km....not bad. now to find 1 more km in 2 minutes....may take a while!


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