Couch to 5K

Week 3 Run 1 done!

...and did it, I ran for three minutes! And do you know what? then I did it again! ;)

Last week I just didn't 'feel it' at all, every run seems to be really hard and I'm panting and puffing and sweating by the end. Week2 Run 3 i even had to walk about 5 seconds before Laura told me to on a couple of the runs. It seemed no easier to do run 3 than run 1 and I didn't feel any improvement. I didn't even want to do that run because of the cold snap but forced myself. Today I knew I wanted to try but I was certain I wouldn't manage it, and so now I'm really pleased with myself. When I got back I rang my mum and my husband to tell them I did it!

Ooh and in other news I'm also calorie tracking / eating healthily and I lost 3lb last week! Good all round...

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well done Clairefun, I've just done W3 R1 too! the first 3 mins was quite tough but the second one didn't seem too bad:) I had to really push myself to try it too because I was sure I wouldn't manage it. Am going to try to do W3 R2 outside as I've only run on a treadmill up til now, as long as the rain holds off. I haven't really lost any weight so far but do feel slimmer, so not too worried so far, good luck with the next run!


Well Done Clairefun, keep it up, it does get easier I promise, and the feel good factor you get at the end of each run is definitely worth it.


Congrats to you, I have my first run of week 3 to do yet , but may not be able to do it for a couple of days, I too am filled with the idea that i won't be able to do it, your comments have made me determined to at least try as I have found the first 2 weeks hard going, of which i feel ashamed of as I didn't think i would be that bad :-)


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