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After a heavy weekend - week6 run 2

So I had a few days of after totally exhausting myself on Friday and Saturday but started up again this morning with week6run2 - 2 x 10 min jogs - it felt really good to be out agian! Even thoguh it was quite hard it seems to be becoming easier to think right I can just keep going, when you know that there isn't a rest coming up you don't wait for it.

Scary 25mins next though - little bit worried about that one.

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when I did my 25 mins it was the day after a curry & 1/2 bottle of wine. I did mine at the gym & thought that it was 20 mins like the end of week 5. I was in my own little world listening to the podcast & let out a very shocked "NOOOOOO" quite loudly when laura said it was 25mins today!! I did it & so can you. you did 20mins last week & I bet you thought that one scary aswell.

good luck :)


Thanks Shelley! Yeah I wa scared before 20mins, but if it can be done after curry and wine that helps! :)


If you can do the 20 minutes you'll be fine with the 25 mins. Good luck although you won't need it! :)


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