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Week 6 run 3 I'm a runner baby, so why don't you shoot me!

Week 6 run 3 I'm a runner baby, so why don't you shoot me!

Everyone goes on about the end of week 6 Laura calls you a runner, and oh my goodness when she says it, you feel spectacular!

I ran for 25 minutes non-stop and wowsers mctrousers, I'll let all you week1's,2's,3's,4'sand5's into a little secret. It's not that bad. If you do the programme and rest then you will rock it.

Although I must admit the music doesn't get any better, but it really helps. A 25 minute run starting with an Air French synth pop combo, with disco divas and big hair rockers, certainly get you round the course.

Talking of which I chickened out today, I ran a previous route and cheated a bit by choosing off road over a hill. What a wuss.

So it was wet and slippery and very very muddy. No bear hunt today though!

Nokia have invented a 41mb camera phone, and the BBC asked a question do you really need a camera phone with such large resolution? Of course you do when you look at my running pictures. All you indoor runners miss out on views like this. Of course it was offset by looking hot and sweaty and waving to people in my village. But I was running and looking cool!

But look at this, I started at the same time and finally it's started getting lighter. No miners tourch for me, or hob nail boots!

Laura talks to us less and less as we run, and that's not a problem but about half way through in the middle of a field I felt like doing a Stanley Kowalski and shouting "hey LAURA". (Instead of "hey STELLA") - 10 Beany points to the first person to identify the reference. Laura then piped up with "you have run 12 and a half minutes" Which was great, because it meant it was all up hill from there!

My only down side was as I got to the last 60 seconds, I had already decided to up the pace, not quite a sprint, but certainly up the rate, Laura said go for it, I went for it. I had the finish line in sight, I was going to make it and she called time just before I reached the finish line - gutted. Oh well next time.

Roll on week 7!

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If you hop on a tram (Streetcar) because you Desire to avoid the run you won't get to week 9 mister!


10 Beany points to SarahSpangles - if you keep collecting you might have enough for a spice rack!




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