Couch to 5K

Oh my! Wk5, R2 Done and Dusted!

at 6am this morning it was -5. Total rethink of running kit, erm layers, full length jogging trousers, thermal base layer..

4pm after work it had reached 8 degrees and was a beautiful clear evening. Four of us went out together, two experienced runners and one who is about week 2 of the plan We agreed that she would keep to her plan, i'd keep to mine and the two others would run between us. They turned back to her as Laura said i was at 4 minutes in the first run, so i just putmy head down and kept going. Could have leapt and cheered when she said the first run was over, never mind the second.

Second one came around fast enough though and this time one of the other girls stayed with me, we yacked and gabbed all the way round and suddenly Laura was saying we had 60 seconds left - we'd nearly done a full lap so found some energy in the tank and pushed the last 60 seconds to complete a lap - SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pleased!!!! If someone had said to me 5 weeks ago that i'd manage 8 minutes I'd have laughed at them..

Day off tomorrow and then the big one on Wednesday..

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Well done, I did 'the big one' today and survived, feel I could tackle anything now! Although ask me again tomorrow.


The big one is exhilarating - get the pace right, you'll feel so proud. Good luck.


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