Couch to 5K

Recovery after illness - this should not have worked!!

I was so chuffed with myself: at age 55 and 4 stone overweight I had successfully got to wk5 r2 and was eagerly (lol) awaiting run 3, when I went down with a horrible chest infection. In the end I had to have time off work and just knew I couldn't get back to running yet as I was coughing like a 100 a day merchant. I was really down about it all. The doc checked me over and said I could start again when I felt like it and it wouldn't do me any harm (this was down to the nature of the infection, not a general piece of advice, so do take care if you're in the same situation).

So last weekend - after a 4 week gap in total - I felt OK to give it a go, and, mainly because I couldn't be bothered to re-download the previous podcasts which I'd so confidently deleted, I just went back to wk5 r1, giving myself permission to walk if I felt overstretched. But it was OK - I did all the runs! So today I did wk5 r2, and actually found myself starting the second run early, so I did 8 mins run, 3 mins walk, 10 mins run. And I allowed myself a good stretch of faster run for the last 60 secs, which felt wonderful, springing homewards.....

So if you have to have a break, don't be too downhearted - if my experience is anything to go by, you will bounce back!

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Well done - great that you're so full of beans and got straight back on it!


Well done :-)


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