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What to eat and how long before going out to run?

Hello everybody

I just found the forum this evening and have really enjoyed reading all the advice, stories and experiences of the C25k journey. I just finished w2r2 this evening and I am really enjoying it so far despite hating exercise in the past!

The one thing I'm a bit confused about is what type of food to eat and how long before a run to eat it? I'm aiming to lose fat during this C25k programme too. I work as a cook and eat lunch at 1pm prompt most days so realistically I have to fit in my run at some point in the later afternoon before starting to prepare dinner. Because of this work schedule, eating just a banana/ energy bar etc would not be appropriate. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as to suitable light lunches to have to help fuel future runs.

Many thanks in advance and happy running to all!

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Hi Misstrolly,

A sandwich, banana and fruit for lunch at 1pm should keep you going, then do your run between 3 and whatever time you have to start the evening cooking?. I always leave two hours after eating, but you should have another small snack as soon as you get in from your runs.

Good luck!


I eat breakfast an hour before running, usually cereal and a piece of fruit. I don't think I could run as well on a protein-heavy breakfast, I make sure I have carbohydrates plus plenty of liquids. I think soups with bread could be good before a run, or a light pasta salad.


Thank you both for your replies I think I will try both suggestions and see how I go. From what I have read it sounds best to leave the main protein for the day until after the run when the muscles are in need of replenishment and nourishment


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