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W3r1- we did it! (shhh, he's not far away)

Wasn't looking forward to this one as I thought it might be where the going got tough. Laura was great, reassuring and encouraging. This one included a three minute run and we did it (me and Poppy dog). Poppy clearly is getting into her stride, as a rescue dog who's just joined our family she's got a couple of pounds to gain compared to me with at least a couple of stone to lose. I heeded the advice of fellow c25k-ers and wrapped up a bit warmer against the cold, it was worth getting out early before the rain set in. Pockets are a bit full with house keys, dog treats, poo bags, mp3 player, phone with Endomondo app. Glad that Laura said when we were halfway through but still managed to mis-time the route but I'm sure the longer cool down walk at the end did us good. Let's hope the weather stays fair for w3r2.

Some folk seem to be very dedicated to alternative exercises on their rest days, I think I might try to dig out the wii fit and do some stretching stuff in between. Poppy likes to run round in circles on her rest days. Will let you know how we get on.

(Shhh - dear hubby has no idea what I'm typing as we're sat on the sofa together!)

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Go Beckipeg and Poppy! You are doing great. I had to wrap up today too!


I love reading your updates! Well done. Yes, it was a bit nippy this morning (3C when I started by run at 6.40am)


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