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Did anyone see the "Horizon" program about exercise & weight loss this week?

I did c25k last year and didn't get any great weight loss only 3-4ibs over the 9 weeks so this time I have also signed up for one of the well known diet regimes to see if the two together make a difference.

On the Horizon TV program it said any exercise is good for keeping blood fat levels lower -good for staving off strokes & heart disease. As an office worker I am really up against it in the weight loss stakes because its sitting down all day that's the killer = need to get up and about more, walk around to talk to people instead of emails. The presenter followed 3 x 20 secs high intensity exercise 3 times a week for a month to get his blood sugar levels down, I think I prefer 30 mins c25k.

The program is still on bbc iplayer at the moment, it is really interesting

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I think I'll be checking it out on iplayer, I lost half a stone on over the 9 weeks, but that was combined with diet.

Even when I went back to my normal diet, but increased my running distance I didn't continue losing any weight...I put it down to my eating habits not being as good as I thought!


It was a very interesting program definitely worth watching - in fact I am going to watch it again now on iplayer. Some questions were left unanswered for me. e.g. did the HIIT have the same positive effects of blood fat as the walking exercise that was tested? Does insulin response as in indicator of prioritising improvement value have the same level of importance to someone that is not diabetic and has good blood sugar control? Can HIIT help build muscle mass and prevent BMR reducing when following a weight loss program? Can the average person really push themselves as hard as they need to with a regular HIIT session?

I have been using HIIT and I don't know if it helps - it just makes me feel less guilty on the days when workload has me in my office chair from 7am to 9pm (thankfully I also have days when I get ahead enough not to need to work). Doing that 30 minute exhausting rep is strangely fun and torturing. Even so, I don't think I can say I enjoy it. I am sooo looking forward to the warming sun of early spring as I plod around the nicer parts of my area. It's running or cycling for me.


Thanks for this, I'm downloading it now on iplayer :)


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