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wk6, run3 Completed and I could have run for longer!!!!

Well thats it, its official....


Yes, I can now mock myself for all the times I've driven past people running along the road and called them nutters. I am now one of those nutters!!

Didnt plan on running today as I had a rubbish nights sleep last night, and felt really sore and achy from yoga and running on wednesday. However at half 4 I thought 'Hmm I feel pretty good now, just another hour or so to make sure lunch has gone down completely and I'll have a bash at that run3'.

I didn't expect to get all the way first time (as I had to have a second attempt at wk5 r3). But I just managed to find my pace, my breathing, everything just clicked!

I couldn't believe it when Laura said I only had 60seconds left as I felt so good! No beating myself up to get to the last bit, no dragging my arse around limping towards the finish... I actually went 'You what?!?!' when Laura said it was the last minute as I was so shocked, and shocked a few people outside their house and had to apologise for terrifying them! (see, nutter).

I'm now home, and still in shock. If ever there is a perfect run, that was it.

I ran for a whole 25 mins for the first time ever, it felt comfortable and good and at no point did I want to die to make it stop. I could have probably gone for another 5 mins if I really wanted to I think.

Wow. A huge milestone ticked now. I'm a runner :D

So now there is nothing stopping me from signing up to Sports Relief for the 3miler and being a really real runner :D

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Yay! That's brilliant! I am so pleased for you - I felt like a runner today (week 6 run 2) similarly went for a run when I hadn't planned to - and got smiled at by another guy doing laps of the park - and I thought "I'm a runner" I haven't done week 6 run 3 yet though - so we will see!


well done both of you. I;ve done the 2nd run in week 6 and going to do the BIG 25 mins on Sunday. But I've been doing my runs indoors on the treadmill. Knowing the English weather and my poor will power to stir out doors in the cold, I thought there were less excuses if I stayed indoors!

Well done you for doing yours in the big outdoors!


A proper nutter, very cool :)


Brilliant!! Well done you! :-)

You're catching me up - I'd better run faster!


Well done you nutter, that's great. :)


Fantastic achievement. Pleased to hear you've signed up to the Sports Relief 3 miler. I've done the same. Really gives you something to aim for.

Well done and keep going!


Well done . Just completed w6r3 myself so know how good it feels to be called a real runner

Good luck with w7


Well done you! An awesome achievement getting so far. I think week 6 is around the time you realise that 'proper runner' & 'nutter' go hand in hand!!


Fantastic well done - can't wait to be a nutter too!! :)


Thank you everyone for your lovely comments :D

Tomorrow I think is week7 run1 as that will leave 2 rest days in between - that and I went a bit overkill with yoga yesterday and my arms and shoulders have discovered new muscles, owie!

I just take the programme week by week, I try not to worry too far ahead and dont know how I will keep my momentum going afterwards, but I'm a live in the now kinda person.


YAY what an achievement Mirandababes :) I had I am a runner moment during the first couple of runs in w7...hopefully it will feel the same tomorrow for run 3!

Love that you are talking to yourself & Laura...I do it all the time. So from one nutter to another...enjoy the next run!


Well done Miranda. Top banana


Miranda this is fabulous - So glad you posted this. Week 6 R3 tonight and I am going to smash it. You are a Runner !


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