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C25k Restart, Five Years On...

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This is a copy of the post I put on the Marathon forum.

Wow, three years since my last post! Wasn't sure where to put a post like this, but I see I am not the only one redoing C25k at the moment, so here goes... 

I did C25k 5 years ago (at the age of 60) and quickly worked up to HM distance. However over the last two years the mojo has gone missing, due to a) some perfectly valid reasons (like injury) and b) some fairly feeble excuses! The daft thing is I really enjoy running and have missed it a lot over the last couple of years.

So this year have restarted C25k and am trying really hard to stick to the programme - to avoid the injuries which have ruined my last couple of attempts to get going again. I've found it quite hard to restrain myself because (having run long distances before) running for just a few minutes at a time feels a bit daft, when I know I have the stamina to run for a lot longer. But I also know that when I've done this before I have injured myself.

There's a message in there somewhere! Not only do I need to take it steady to let my running muscles strengthen again, I also need to lose some of the excess weight I'm carrying before I start ramping up the distances.

So... am taking it really, really steady and as of this morning I have completed C25k W4 R1. 

Feeling really good about this now, as the weight is already coming off and I am enjoying once again hearing the dulcet tones of Jo Whiley as I work through the programme on my trusty treadmill - which is worth its weight in gold when the weather is as cold and icy as it is right now!

My ambition is to (again) run the Porthcawl 10k on 2nd July with my two sisters - as soon as I am confident I can stay injury-free I'm going to sign up for that.

Fingers crossed!

8 Replies
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Well done on starting again HoagyM I’m still on here since we started all those years ago!

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HoagyMGraduate in reply to David_G

Thanks David, good to hear from you on here again!

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... and I am still here... still banging on about slow and steady, but I am an Admin now, so very important and people have to listen ! Ha hahahaha !

Welcome back... good to see you !

There are a fair few of us who, over the last few years had restarted all or bits of C25K... we know it and we know we can do it...!

Well done you...you will do this and we will be here to help. Keep posting and oh yes, keep it slow and steady ! x

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HoagyMGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Nice to hear from you OF, this forum wouldn’t be the same without you! And congrats on reaching the giddy heights of admin 😁

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to HoagyM

Thank you... ha ha ! Yes, it is a privilege to be here with so many friends and be part of their running. x

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Well I'll see you there HoagyM as I too will be running it with my daughter 😁 We were out at 6.15am this morning doing half a lap of Porthcawl

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HoagyMGraduate in reply to OldManRunning

That’s an early start - well done! Yes, Porthcawl is one of my favourites, my sisters and I used to run that one, Barry and Cardiff Bay together, and as one of them actually lives in Porthcawl it’s quite convenient for us. So long as I stay injury free, I’ll see you there 😁

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I've started again too, think this is the third time. I'm on week 4 and so thankful for the treadmill in this weather.

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