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Rock n roll 5k Saturday. Countdown!! Help!!

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So my first ever 5k run -Rock n Roll in Liverpool is on Saturday. Obviously I’ve run 5 k on my own( only about 10 times) but never done an organised run with other people. Not even park run. I literally have no idea what to expect what to do or anything. Unfortunately my friend had to pull out due to injury. So I’m looking forward to the whole experience but also feeling nervous.

So my question is - this week in terms of running what do you recommend. Don’t want to over fo it but don’t want to be unprepared. My time is rubbish. Best is 39 mins. But I know I won’t get quicker in a week. So I just want to feel ready. Thanks everyone!

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Most training plans preparing runners for a race recommend tapering your running in the last week, but for many new runners, especially older ones, it is, in my opinion, worth being even more conservative than the plans.

Many of my pbs were set after a break from running of a week or more, so for the average recreational runner, I believe, it is more beneficial to be refreshed than "worked to a peak". Older runners have longer recovery times, as mentioned in this FAQ Post about Aging and Running

Just go out for a few very gentle and short runs to keep everything moving.

If you want to know what the big boys and girls think, you could post your question on the Marathon and Race Support forum.

The important thing is to have fun.

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I would say just to take it very easy. In the week leading up to a race, there's nothing you can do that will improve you, simply because it takes longer than a week for training benefits to take effect. Conversely, there's very little that can make you 'worse'.

I'd say to make sure Friday is a rest day - or maybe just go for a walk or a 10 minute jog. Maybe run today and Wednesday.

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Good luck and enjoy

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It sounds like you’re good to go. I wouldn’t do anything more this week.

Though if you live close by and have the time, you could walk the route before Saturday.

If you’ve not run in an event with lots of other runners, you may find you’ll be pulled along with all the tense excitement at the start. Try and hold back your pace until you’re more comfortable and in tune with yourself rather than those runners around you. Enjoy! 🙂

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Golf2106Graduate in reply to Ian5K

Brilliant advice thank you !

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nowsterGraduate in reply to Golf2106

I was about to say the same. In my first ever parkrun I got swept along with the crowd and went far too fast. I paid for it in the last km with me having to walk for a bit twice. However, it remains my fastest parkrun time.

I make myself start slower nowadays, and then have the evil pleasure later in the race of overtaking others who sped off with confidence at the start.

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Who cares about your time? Having fun is way more important. If you find you enjoy races (I'm in the minority that don't) then there'll be plenty more in the future. Happy running!

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Golf2106Graduate in reply to Cmoi

Thank you! Can I ask what it is that you don’t like ?

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CmoiGraduate in reply to Golf2106

Races both intimidate me and don't tie in with what I enjoy about running.

While I know many people enjoy the atmosphere of lots of people cheering and loud "entertainment," it has the opposite effect on me. Too much noise, too much pressure. I don't hear encouragement, I hear you're too slow, go faster, you're failing.

I'm not good in crowds anyway - I've lived in deepest rural France for the past 15 years - and I've only been running for 17 months, always alone.

My preference is for longer runs, forest trails and hills (lots of hills!) and I'll happily splash through mud, hop over branches, scramble up rocks and more. For me, being able to stop and take in my surroundings is more important than just getting a faster time. I'm competitive with myself, rather than with others.

Whisper it, I'm not motivated by race bling either! Sure, I'm super-proud of the finisher T-shirt I got when I completed a trail marathon a couple of weeks ago, but I'd have still done the race if there'd been no T-shirt.

If I'd started running in an urban or suburban environment, with other people, I guess things might be different.

As it is, I'm very happy to leave races to those who enjoy them. Hope you enjoy yours!

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Golf2106Graduate in reply to Cmoi

I se your point!!! We will soon see if I enjoy it!! I have always run alone enjoying the head space and time to my self. I fear lll get emotional ( I’m weird) or feel foolish that I’m such a plodder. But for me I just want to see IF I can do it !! 🙏

I would suggest resting up for 2 days beforehand. Personally I found running on a Thursday before parkrun a little too much and drained my energy faster on the Saturday.

Also, just take it slowly, steady and enjoy. Dont let the adrenaline "pull" you into going faster than you usually do. Its so easy to fall into that trap.

I have ran the Scouse 5k a few times and can honestly say that by changing your route, running through streets you wouldn’t normally run through and the encouragement of the crowd will get you round with joy in your heart - enjoy!! I’ll be signing up for the Santa Dash and can’t wait

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Golf2106Graduate in reply to MrsMcFeron

Thank you!!!

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Bahave, your time is not rubbish, it's are running for almost 40 minutes, sounds like great exercise & stamina to me 😊If you're worried about your time there's no need, in a 5k you'll get super speedy runners, runners like you that are trying out there new found skills and those that are newer still who may well walk a little...all there to enjoy the experience.

If it were me I'd not run after Tuesday or Wednesday latest to give my legs a couple of days rest so they're fresh for race day.

I hope you enjoy it 👍

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Thank you x

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