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Bye bye Gremlins

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Just starting out on run 3 week 1. After 25 years I decided to try running again. It’s a little different now I’m heavier and approaching 50. Hopefully the slow build up will be manageable .. have been told to make some life style changes to get my cholesterol and BMI down . Trying to keep the self doubting gremlins from sabotaging my efforts ! Here goes!! 🤞😬

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

Those who ran in the past need to forget any comparison with their former performance. Celebrate what you can do now and take on board that "no pain, no gain" is oh so last century.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Enjoy your journey.

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Teejay113Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks ♥️

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Hello and welcome ! Well done on your decision to run again .

Do read the guide to the program linked to by IannodaTruffe , it's full o go really helpfull information .

Enjoy the journey !

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Well done x

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Well done on the great start and good luck moving forward! Them gremlins are everywhere but keep on kicking them on every step of your runs!

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Well done! I was quite unsure when I started and being just done week 10, I'm feeling better but still thinking it's a long way to make it a habit. There are lots of encouraging inspiring and helpful messages here. We can do it together 🤗

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Pink-Willow in reply to R2Bears

You’ve inspired me with your comment.. week 10 .. well done !! It’s nice to see people that have all started off on C25K and stuck with it. Great to have your support too …thanks !

Congratulations on getting started! I started at 55 and 18 stone and am on week 7 - I had trouble with my knees up until the middle of week 5 and had to extend the recovery period but it seems I'm out the other side of that now. Good luck!

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Don’t listen to the gremlins they have no idea what you can achieve if you put your mind to it week one complete fantastic

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Pink-Willow in reply to Poppdog

Thanks.. how far are you into the C25k?? Great to have your support

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PoppdogGraduate in reply to Pink-Willow

I am at week 9 which is an absolute amazing thing given just over 9 weeks ago I had never run. I walked regularly but even that was getting slower so if I can do it you can too

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Pink-Willow in reply to Poppdog

Great to here you’ve made it to week 9 that’s brilliant and you must be pleased.. really inspires me to keep going 👍

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Hi Pink Willow, I'm also in my 50's and was also told to make some little changes this is in addition to the menopause!. I've been doing C25K for a couple of years now, starting and stopping, internal arguments in head to support not going out etc etc. I stuck with it this time and completed and have been running at least twice a week I've done it on my own up till just recently, my son now comes with on Sundays, I so live the time together. You know the fact your trying this is a massive positive, take it slow and remember there is no rush think of the positive vibes when your run ends and how good you feel mentally, its an achievement and you have done it.

When I get bored and the argument in my head starts, I change my run route, keeps me focused. I've discovered I enjoyed running over Rochester motorway bridge in Kent and walking back via Rochester s more ornate Bridge near to the castle. Its different perspectives. Keep with Pink Willow, no one said it was easy but you got this you can do it! Happy running 🏃‍♀️ ☺

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Pink-Willow in reply to Kimikins

Thanks that’s really good of you you to offer your support. I too have just hit the menopause and finding it tough! Running is something I enjoyed many years ago… it cleared my head and gave me focus. I’m hoping to get the same out of it over 25 years later!! I have already enjoyed the clear head in just week one ! It’s always that nagging feeling i can’t do it this time but you’re right .. stick with it.. mix up the route and shout loud on the forum for support!! 👍

Good for you Pink! I’ve just turned 55 and wanted to do something for me and get fit again. Years of helping others left no time for me lol! I have just completed my first run in week 3. So keep going. We got this.

Absolutely! We have got this!! It’s true …years of children and work and now finally thinking of myself.. strange concept but I think it’s so important at this age to look after ourselves and get fit! .. well done you for keeping at it …. so motivating thank you!!

Hi Pink, I started c25k at the begining of May, completed it in July. I've continued to run every other day since graduation. I'm almost 53 and also menopausal 🙄. I can't do 5k in 30 minutes but I can now run for 50 minutes without resting and try to do this twice a week although with work, 2 teenage boys a husband and an overly demanding cat, this isn't always possible 😂 had a PB 5k today at 45.47 it's not fast but it's faster than I could do in May! I class my running time as my time, clear my head and listen to music, loving it ❤️

Just brilliant .. well done a thousand times over!!!

This will be you soon! Happy running 🙂

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Well done on making the right decision and starting to run again…doesn’t matter what you ran like 25 years’s all about now & listening to your body while you’re building up your strength and stamina…at the right pace for you…we’re all here cheering you on and I’m sure that will keep you going…and keep smiling ☺️

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