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Week 7, Run 1

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Another 25 minutes in the bag! I was a little nervous of this one (as I have been prior to every one!) My wife and I now have a joke before I go on each run “I’m a bit scared, this is an important run tonight,” is now said each time I leave the house. In a way, I hope I always say it. Those nerves keep me focused.

But this run was actually ok. My legs felt great (don’t want to jinx myself) as I slowed down a tiny bit to a nice pace and even had fuel at the end for a 8 minute/mile last 60 seconds, without any lung burn! 7 weeks ago if someone had told me that, I’d have laughed!

And to top it all off, I received two “nod & smile” greetings from runners heading toward me! Haha. Looks like I’m becoming part of the club!

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This run report, next to your bio, is amazing reading!

You’re not alone with the pre-run nerves (Nike’s global head coach was talking about his the other day) and if they keep you focused, allowing you to engage your inner coach, they’re a good thing.

Looks like the coach you did a perfect job on this run… that last mile is very quick for this plan. Congratulations!

Haha. I haven’t read the bio since starting the plan! Wow! What a difference. I’m a totally new person. Diabetes is well under control now, and I’m working out (running or upper strength) 6 days a week!! To be honest, I didn’t realise quiet how different my mind set is now. Thank you. Next mile stone graduation day in a couple of weeks!

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Davidnotarunner

People say never look back… but with this journey it’s the thing to do… when a run is tough, look back to when it was impossible, and the smile will help you in the current one!

Your progress is stunning, I had to look at your bio to see where you had come from because that last mile was so quick.

Your baby is going to have a formidable football buddy!!!

Haha! Thank you! Although no one will be paying €23m to buy me! When I’m feeling the running blues I think back to week 1. That was the hardest by far! I remember thinking “come on, that must be 60 seconds by now!” While my lungs burned and my legs screamed! Every step forward is a step you don’t have to do again!

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Well done. I know exactly how you feel. I'm always nervous before I run. I'm not sure why, but I guess you're right. The nerves and adrenaline keep you going. 🙌

I was a musician in my former life, and the nerves keep you sharp. Although I really wasn’t expecting to feel nerves before a jog! Perhaps it’s anticipation? Either way it’s great to push through it! 👍🏻

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OrkneyWillowGraduate in reply to Davidnotarunner

It's weird isn't it, the things that make us nervous. It also means that you care about what you're trying to achieve and aiming for. Good luck and keep on going!

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You are doing great and all the hard weeks are paying off. I think nerves channelled correctly are a good thing... I remember saying similar things before my runs, such as this is the big one or this is the important one..... Of course they are all important . Keep going , you are nearly there.

I was fully expecting to get to half way through week 2… never this far. C25K might be the only thing I’ve ever completed ever! So each run is a huge thing for me. Whether I’m gaining time, distance or just stacking up km’s, they are all more important than the last!

That’s great to hear. Well done 🎉I’m doing my w7 run1 tomorrow. Good to hear someone else has same feelings 😊

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