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Small Wins

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I know it is no great achievement but completed W1R2. Legs were heavy but I did feel good at the end. Looking forward to R3.

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Yes it is a great achievement...every single run!Slow and steady and on you go...well done you!!!

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Slob37 in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks. I am taking it one run at a time. 👍

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Don’t put your achievements down… the early runs are so tough, and now you have beaten two. Every single time you run, you score several victories, the first being when you stand up off that lovely comfortable couch. The habit of running takes time to form, so these early victories are very much worthy of celebrating… sometimes I only run because I’m addicted now 🤣

All your victories will add up to make you an awesome new runner, so take time to celebrate them all. When you go to parkrun, or line up on a 5k fun run, or some other event… what you are doing there is celebrating the journey… these early runs will come into you mind then, and you will smile when you think how far you have come.

Keep being amazing… happy running.

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Slob37 in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks. That is inspiring. Looking forward to run 3. 👍

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Well done on completing week 1 run 2 !Heavy legs is often a symptom of dehydration.

Remember as a runner you should be drinking around 2.5 to 3 litres a day as mentioned in the guide .

This should also be on non running days !

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Slob37 in reply to Instructor57

Thanks. Good advice. I have been actively drinking water instead of tea so hopefully it will all balance out as I go forward. 👍

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Instructor57Moderator in reply to Slob37

👍I probably drink as much tea as water 🤣

That’s a huge achievement, you’ve no idea how many get all fired up, do run 1 week 1 and never get out again, keep going, we are doing this for the second time to encourage a friend so only a couple of runs in front of you, keep running keep posting and we will keep cheering you on

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Slob37 in reply to WillowandSola

Thanks. That's kind and sound advice. 👍

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WillowandSolaGraduate in reply to Slob37

I learned that this forum is such a good place for advice encouragement and inspiration

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Slob37 in reply to WillowandSola


I agree with the others. Definitely an achievement, those early runs can be quite hard. Your body isn't used to it yet. 👍🏼

Cheers. The encouragement makes a difference. 👍

It’s a massive achievement. Week 1 was the hardest thing I’ve ever done! You should be proud and keep going. 👍🏻

Excellent effort! Well done for working towards your goal 👍

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Every run is an achievement, especially in these early weeks.

In my first attempt at W1R2, I received a phone call during one of the walk intervals. What I didn't realise was that the call had paused the app.

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Slob37 in reply to nowster

That is a really good point. Thanks for sharing it. I will ensure to check my app as I go. Thanks 👍

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Fabulous slow and steady wins the race

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Slob37 in reply to doggytail


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Like everyone else, it's a HUGE thing you're doing. I think in some ways those first two or three weeks were the hardest, because the self-doubt is enormous and honestly almost overwhelming. I didn't tell anyone I was doing it and I chose really quiet places - by week three I was running up and down a little path four or five times to finish the run!

Now I'm out and proud, and have just collected £310 for my favourite charity by shouting about it on social media!

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Slob37 in reply to Benben21

Thanks for the encouragement. I use a remote country lane to do my runs, mainly to avoid traffic but also to avoid comments. I am definitely not the shape for running. All of the support here is very positive and helping greatly. Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂👍

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Benben21Graduate in reply to Slob37

I'm not the shape for running either, believe me! But since "coming out" I've never had a sniff of a negative comment, I promise you.

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Slob37 in reply to Benben21

Thanks for the support. Sadly, that is not the case everywhere. This time I will persevere. 🙂👍

That’s actually no small frat at all! Moving from a non-runner to a consistent runner is a big adjustment and big ask of your body but as long as you go slowly, pace yourself, remember to breathe, stay hydrated, ensure your posture is correct and most importantly keep going , your body does this funny thing and adapts and grows on strength with you! Keep going!!!!

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Slob37 in reply to MaCherie112

Really encouraging points. Thanks for taking time to share. 🙂👍

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I think it's a great achievement. Good luck 👍

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Slob37 in reply to CressidaB

Thanks. That's encouraging 👍

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You are closer to graduation with that run :) That's definitely a very positive achievement :)Well done :)

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Slob37 in reply to Irish-John

Thanks for the positive vibes 👍

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