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I don't believe it!.... A sad tale .......

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So last week after nine wonderful weeks doing C25K I graduated , full of pride in myself.... Oh no what is the saying? Pride before a fall?...... As I have a walking holiday at the end of this week I decided to only walk after graduation .... It all went horribly wrong ...... Something in my hip , groin went pop and the pain was bad ... This was not even a practice walk, just walking! So I have spent the last five days trying to sort out my injury .... As anyone who has read my posts in the past and there have been many, would know I kept to the plan to the letter but I guess my body never got the memo!..... There does seem to be a vast improvement but I will only decide if I can walk on my first day of the holiday.... But I always think if one door closes another opens , which will be the right door. Happy running guys....

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I’m so sorry you’ve injured yourself. Congratulations on graduating! I hope you manage to enjoy your holiday. Take care & take it easy. 💜

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MrsrunGraduate in reply to Soozy16

Thank you so much. Even if I cannot do the walking part of the holiday , I shall enjoy the history on offer .

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Oh no !Sorry to hear this 😟

Especially with a walking holiday due !

Glad there is improvement though, I have been off running lately with a hip ache but am back to walking now .

Hope it improves soon and in time for your holiday 🤞

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MrsrunGraduate in reply to Instructor57

Definitely mending and hardly any pain now but I am not pushing myself whilst out and about . Hope your hip recovers soon. I love running and it was a little like getting a birthday present last week, my graduation and being told I could not open it for months!

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I'm so sorry to hear this. Do not run again until you are certain your hip has healed! If you don't feel it's getting better, seek professional help. I can't emphasise this enough. I'm writing this laying flat on my back rolling a swiss ball under my right leg with sciatica - honestly.

Having said all that, once it has healed, I suggest doing some other form of strength training to strengthen your hip muscles. And not just your hips - your muscular skeletal system is interconnected: what happens in your knees can have an effect on your back etc.

I'm a recent convert to pilates since my physio recommended it for my condition. It's really helping me to strengthen my body in a controlled, pain free way. If that's not your thing, swimming, yoga, weights or gym work (done properly) will all help.

Good luck x

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MrsrunGraduate in reply to Speedy60

Thank you Speedy60. I am doing many things at present to help it as you say everything in the body is connected and one problem causes another. I have found I had a tight calf and an ankle that was tight , since rolling out the muscles in the calf and rotating the ankle with bands , the alignment of the body is better and I am not over compensating so much. I went to see a shoe specialist , he was pleased that I had had my gait tested but did stress that people also need to change there insoles as well!.. So I am in the process of getting all my walking footwear fitted with the! I hope your sciatica eases and I will mark your words and go back to pilates or such... I love swimming , now the schools are back may think of doing some after my holiday.

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Speedy60Graduate in reply to Mrsrun

Thanks for your good wishes. I'm also a big fan of resistance band training. It's another way to workout while greatly reducing the risk of injury. X

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If you are really concerned, a physio visit will be well worth your time. Knowing what's gone "pop" is half the problem.

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MrsrunGraduate in reply to nowster

If I do not continue to mend I will do, it is on my list .

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Oh no Mrsrun, something going pop really isn’t good news and just as you’d graduated as well (congratulations for first btw!). I hope that you’re feeling better by the time you get to your walking holiday and that even if you can’t walk miles and miles, you’ll enjoy yourself!

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Rest is a great healer and if you can walk without discomfort then it will probably be beneficial to recovery.......but take it easy.

Running is a journey of discovery about the functioning of our bodies for many of us. It is always helpful to talk to a physio, because clear identification of the injury can lead back to the cause, which we can then either avoid or correct by strengthening exercises.

You always have a very positive attitude and that will help you through this frustrating learning process. Take the positives, learn, move on.

I am sure you will be back running soon. Take care

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MrsrunGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you very much. Sound advice as always. I do think it will be the physio and strengthening classes . Pilates or swimming . I will most certainly be running again if I get the go ahead!

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Oh no! Do take it easy and give yourself time to heal. I do Pilates and some of the hip strength exercises really hurt, emphasising how weak those muscles can be with normal use (ie sitting at a desk 10 hours a day in my case)

Oh what bad luck, heal quickly

Oh no what rotten luck, take care, and hope you have a fantastic holiday

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Thank you so much. I had tried to be so good but fate had other plans for me ! One way or another I will have a great holiday .

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Oh no. What a shame. Hope it’s all better soon. I seem to have lost my mojo now I’ve graduated. I miss my coach, I’m still running but I was doing every other day. I seem to be skipping an extra day now.

I need a stern word with myself.

Enjoy you holiday. X

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MrsrunGraduate in reply to SoosieSoo

Thank you.... Unfortunately I never got the chance to miss Laura my coach! Try and remember why you started to run and what a feeling you get after a run. .. Maybe set three days a week to run. I did look at Nike running apps and some seemed really good ! Run somewhere that excites you once a month... My dream is running along a water front ! Happy running.

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SoosieSooGraduate in reply to Mrsrun

Thank you. You are right. I’ll get there. Xx

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Speedy60Graduate in reply to Mrsrun

Love the Nike running club app. Some runs sound a bit cheesy/American to my ears, but coach Bennett can do no wrong. X

Oh no! Hope you feel better really soon.

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MrsrunGraduate in reply to Davidnotarunner

Thank you so much.... I hope so as well, now I have had a bite of the apple I want to keep going..

Just take it easy and listen to your body. You’ll be back in no time!

Sounds like it’s easing. Hope you’re recovered soon and can enjoy your holiday.

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MrsrunGraduate in reply to BaddieThePirate

Thank you very much. Even if I have to eat ice cream all holiday , instead of waking it will not be so bad!

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Hope it sorts itself out soon. 👍

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MrsrunGraduate in reply to BrianUK

Thank you... I keep having a quiet word with the leg but these leg things have minds of their own!

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Oh No feel for you hope you recover quickly so you can at least enjoy some of your holiday xx

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MrsrunGraduate in reply to doggytail

Thank you. . I am sure I will find many things to do! Unfortunately we have a different hotel every night....... All that packing!

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O no these hips can be a problem. Many congratulations 🎉 on graduation. the advice already given is excellent and you do seem to being sensible so 🤞you can enjoy your holiday. Hopefully all will be settled by the time you get back and you can do a bit of running slowly again but if not there’s always a visit to the physio to get you back on track. Enjoy your holiday and break.

Oh no Mrsrun ! I've liked your post, but I don't like the fact that you're injured. I'm so glad it seems to be resolving 🙏💜🙏 I'm also glad that you are a cup half full kind of person and can envisage your walking holiday being fabulous, no matter how it pans out. ENJOY and may you be back to full fitness very soon 😀😀😀 xxxx

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That is so pants! Full of excitement to finish then pop!!! But you will be back I’m sure you caught the big you will come back stronger I’m sure have a wonderful holiday 👍🏼💪🏻

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MrsrunGraduate in reply to Wavy-chick28

The right choice of words POP!... I will be back in time, fitter and stronger . I have so many running dreams that need to be fulfilled . One way or another I will have a great holiday thanks. Happy running.

Oh no I didn’t realise you’d done your hip in, too!!! Such a common problem and horrible! Do take it slowly! So painful and frustrating!!!! But you graduated so you know you can do it this is just a minor blip hopefully!

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