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Can't get through week one!

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Hi, I am keen to get back to running after a bit of a break, so I decided to go through the C25K program.

the problem I have is I can't get through the week one runs without injury. It is the same calf (left) but is seems to move around the calf. it is in the head (top) of the calf as it slims into the back of my knee.

I do the brisk walks to warm up and the warm down, I have a stretch after too, this time it was already too late as the strain went in the intervals on the run.

I usually wait 3-5 days for it to settle down and then try again and seem to get a new injury in a similar but slightly different location

Any advice on getting through the program, or even just being able to start it would be gratefully received :)

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I'd be looking at calf strengthening exercises for a period of several weeks before trying this again. Look at YouTube - maybe James Dunne. Calf raises, eccentric heel drops etc.

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ColmBlak in reply to John_W

thanks, I'll have a look on youtube

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

As John_W has said strengthening exercises as linked to in the guide will help.

Are you wearing decent running shoes fitted after a gait analysis? Otherwise your legs may not be adequately supported.

You could try calf sleeves or compression socks and perhaps a foam roller, but strengthening is the key. If it persists then a consultation with a physio will probably pay dividends.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Enjoy your journey.

Great, I'll go through the guide

I have asics gel-kayano 26, I have always used kayano's and they have never let me down before. this level to fragility is new, I will look at the sleeves also

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to ColmBlak

Have you ever had a gait analysis to confirm that the Gel Kayanos are appropriate for you?

when I bought them first, (10 years ago) I had analysis. I have always just renewed them when they needed it without re-testing.

would you suggest doing it again?

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to ColmBlak

Sometimes our musculature changes and means that shoes need to as well. That said, Gel Kayanos are one of the most supportive shoes out there. Perhaps you need less support.I know a very experienced runner who suddenly started having calf issues and the physios couldn't get to the bottom of it, until he tried wearing compression socks both for his run and for some hours after. It solved his problem, so may be worth a try.

Thank you iannoda, I will try your advice and update this thread...away camping now, it will be next week 😃

Hi C, I'm looking to start the Couch to 5k, hoping I don't get injured, does a support bandage help you? In my case I have done extra exercise apart from work in a long time so this could potentially show up weaknesses in my joints. Really hope you get sorted soon.

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