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Does anyone get to 5k at end of Wk9?

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I’m so proud of myself for getting to Wk9 and running for 30mins non stop (2 runs to go)but part of me is feeling a failure for not getting to 5k. I’m running 3.7k in the 30 mins and there isn’t much left in the tank. I want to carry on running after Wk9 as I love the feeling I get after a hard run but I feel a fraud telling friends and family that I’ve completed Couch to 5k. Advice and fellow runners experience sought. Thanks 😀

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Some do but most don’t. Never feel a fraud…you run 30 minutes non stop…. Great achievement. It probably should be called nought-to-30 but don’t let that get in the way of a big cheer! Running is for you…your goals…..your plan….your runs. Take it where you want to….strive for 5k, strive for 5k under 30 minutes….strive to get out and going 3 times a week…you’re a runner now…it’s in your feet!

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You are absolutely not a fraud! The aim is to run 30 minutes x 3 in the last week. Very, very few people can run 5k in half an hour - I graduated in January and I still can’t 😊. Technically the plan should be called C230Mins - but it’s not as catchy I guess. You are doing brilliantly, best of luck for your last 2 runs! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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Very few people get to 5k in 30 minutes with their W9 runs Cake_baker, so stop worrying. See this post:

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Don't even worry about getting to 5k on week 9.It is not a requirement of the program.

Read my post here

P.S, I got to 3.9k 😁

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Many congratulations on your graduation, fellow runner.

Only a small proportion of graduates from this forum who responded to a poll, managed 5k in 30 minutes by graduation

Graduation requirements are that you complete three thirty minute runs, regardless of distance.

It is more to do with the fitness levels you bring to W1R1 than any magic in the programme. You are well on the way to running 5k and a whole lot closer than you were before you started.

This guide to post C25k running may be helpful

To get your Graduate Badge leave a message at this month’s Graduation Badge Post, which you can find in the Pinned Posts here

Keep running, keep smiling.

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I did exactly 5km in 30 minutes on my graduation run, which I'm proud of, and at the same time knackered my left ankle, which I'm definitely not proud of.

You do what you can reasonably do and don't compare with anyone else. To graduate all you have to do is to have diligently worked through all the 27 runs of the scheme.

Going from 0 to 30 minutes running is something to be proud of. Just say you can run for 30 minutes now.

I graduated a couple of months ago, I have now run 5k, just not in 30 minutes. I can now run for 45 minutes, and I'm very pleased with my progress.

Keep it up! 👊🏼

I completed C25k in the spring, and only achieved my first 5k over the weekend (I had to take a break because of an injury, be warned by my story and of others who pushed too much too early!). The 5k took me ~42 minutes, so a similar pace to what you're running. But I felt like I could keep going (I've learnt to build up slowly though, so stopped there!), and I think I will be a slow and steady rather than speedy runner. Some speed may come as I get more used to running, but the most important thing is that I'm enjoying it and look forward to my next run. I feel that I'm probably very slow compared to the more established runners I know, but so what? Either I run slowly or I'll end up injured/collapsed in a heap after just a mile 😂. Be proud of what you've achieved so far - think back to W1, did running for 30 mins seem like a very distant possibility? I certainly did for me!

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I laugh at the thought of running 5K in 30 minutes and I graduated a year ago! I think I managed 3.2K on my graduation run. Don’t worry about your pace, it’s your stamina that’s more important and you’re building that up every time you run.

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I completed the program back in May but still can’t beat my PB for 5k of 33 minutes. You’ll do the 5k but may need to run a bit longer - good luck

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I certainly didn’t. And it took me quite a while to get there. I ran my first 5k, when I finally got there, in 36 minutes. 4 years later I’m training to get it below 21 minutes It takes a long time (years) to get your running legs. Enjoy the journey. 👍 You’re not a fraud. You’re a runner 👍💪

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Jools2020Graduate in reply to BrianUK

Wow, maybe there’s there’s hope for me yet 😊, although I’m still warming up at 21 minutes 😂

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BrianUKGraduate in reply to Jools2020

That made me laugh 😂 There’s always hope! 😅

I was nowhere near 5k at the end of the programme. I chose to steadily build up distance after C25k rather than concentrate on speed. So I got to 10 miles before I made any effort to hit a sub 30 minute 5k. Ages since I ran at that pace. It's the longer slow runs which do you most good!! 🙂

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Yes, but in 38 minutes 😂😂

As others say not a fraud at all, you can run for 30 minutes and that’s something to be proud of, you couldn’t when you first started, takes hard work and dedication to keep going through this programme and you did, be proud

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Well, I'm a fraud two years later, unless you count those two half marathons. 😉

Seriously, you're much better off concentrating on time on your feet rather than speed; long slow runs are where all the good stuff happens. Good luck x

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Only a very small percent of us manage 5k in 30 minutes.

Most of us that want to get to 5k consolidate by running 3x 30 mins for a while then continue to do 2x 30 min runs & 1 slightly longer run, maybe adding 3/5 extra mins each week.

After a while of that you'll get to 5k and be super proud again, just as you will be when you finish the programme...and let's face it, that's going to be challenging enough in this heat, good luck 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️😁

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I completed C25K last April , I never reached 5K in 30 minutes. From what I have read , there are not very many who do , and those who do , are usually very young :)

I went back this Monday after taking 4/5 months off . I started at C25K week 2 & repeated it playing

PODRUNNER 127 to keep me on a slow track. The weather was kinder at 6am too.

After a few weeks into consolidating I did manage PB at 38 mins for 5 K . I’m 70.

To be honest . I have no interest in time , I preferred the feeling of enjoyment as I jogged along , and would vary it from a 2k to 7k. I managed 8k once haha :)

Hi there, I too had the same feelings as you. The title is rather misleading. My graduation run was 3.8km. It took me another month or so to work up to 5k but in just over 40 mins. It’s a great feeling when you get there but don’t rush it. I’m actually prouder that I can run for 40 Mins rather than I can run 5k.Good things come to those who wait. 😄

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