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Run 2 of Week 6, done!

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This run was so much harder than I hoped it would be. I wanted to stop 3 minutes in and nearly stopped when I had 2 minutes left on the second 10 minute segment. I did keep going, I just kept telling myself I’d have to repeat the run if I stop and that did the trick! How did I run for a full 20 minutes last Friday! Feeling anxious going into my final run on Friday this week. Fingers crossed!

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I can totally relate!! I did this run earlier in the week and struggled with the last 2 mins of running. I was close to stopping but then slowed right down to walking pace until the end. Felt disappointed with myself but I’m not ready to give up yet! Stay positive and focus on the end goal! YOU GOT THIS 🏃🏻‍♀️🙌

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RunningwithhoneyGraduate in reply to Panda_eyes

Thanks Panda eyes! That makes me feel way better, I was running at snail pace the whole time to be honest. Have you ran your last run on this week yet? Let me know how you get on ☺️

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Panda_eyesGraduate in reply to Runningwithhoney

Will be doing the final run later this week but am feeling a bit anxious! Fingers crossed this run will be better than the last one!🤞🤞

Just have to remember where we started and where we are now. That’s definitely PROGRESS! Keep running - only a few more weeks until graduation x

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Well done on completing week 6 run 2 ! We always warn about the first 2 week 6 runs as people feel super human after the 20 minute run on week 5 😁

On to the fun runs now ! Enjoy 😁👍

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You will be fine

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