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Week 8

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I’ve just completed week 8 run 2 and I am no where near completing 5k in 30 minutes. I’m getting about 1.7/ 1.8 miles in 28 minutes. Should I gradually build up to 5k after graduating or just keep going as far as I can as I’d love to do a park run after coming this far but worried about over doing it as I don’t want planta faciitus to rear it’s ugly head again ( been free of it since I started program )

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Completely normal. Just build the time you run fir after graduation. I didn’t hit 5k until I’d got up to 40 minutes. There’s plenty of guidance on here if you search for it. Don’t try to add more than 10% to your time each week.

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Rain_runnerGraduate in reply to Stentrunner

Thank you, I been wondering a lot about it but I will build gradually 😊

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Getting to 5k is not important for Graduation.Have a look at this


After you consolidation period you could start to increase your running time gradually, but remember the 10% rule

That's is not to increase more than 10% of your previous week's total

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Rain_runnerGraduate in reply to Instructor57

Thank you, reading the post makes me feel less pressured so I will just enjoy the running !

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Instructor57Ambassador in reply to Rain_runner

Excellent!Running should be fun 😁👍

Happy Running !

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Congratulations on reaching W8. Just enjoy your runs, and don’t worry about running 5k in 30 minutes. Keep 🏃‍♂️everything will coming me in time.

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Rain_runnerGraduate in reply to VeganDave

Thank you 😊

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When you announce your graduation I will send you a link to a guide to post C25k running.

If you cannot wait, it is sitting in the FAQ Posts, which you will find in the Pinned Posts.

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Rain_runnerGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you 😊

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As others have said - 5k in 30 mins isn’t a prerequisite for graduating. Don’t push yourself for distance at this point - it’s running/slow jogging for a prescribed time that is key.

There are a few mentions of increasing by 10% but - to be absolutely clear - this is after consolidating. Meaning 1) you graduate 2) you continue to run for 30 mins three times a week for a month or so (others will correct this if that’s wrong) 3) then and only then should you try incrementally increasing the duration of your runs by no more than 10% per week. And that’s only if you really want to. There is absolutely NO pressure to ever run for more than 30 mins if you don’t want to.

That sounds a bit strident and I’m sorry for that but you will see this forum littered with posts from people that have become injured or discouraged by pushing their newly trained running legs too hard too soon.

Anyway, it’s meant to be fun so I’ll be quiet now. Happy running 😊

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Rain_runnerGraduate in reply to JetsNanna

No, thank you for that advice I really appreciate it and I will do absolutely everything to avoid any injuries so it makes perfect sense 😊

Hi, it's not 5 miles though, it's only 3.1 and you are nearly at 2 already.If you talk in km you have done 2.9 and that's nearly 3 of your 5. Already things look better. Mixing miles and km is just depressing. Well done, I think you've done great.

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