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Advice for Week 8 - please

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I managed to get to Week 8! However.. after completing only one 28min run 🏃🏼‍♀️ I seem to have taken about 10 steps back in my progress.. I just can’t seem to compete any runs without having to stop for a little rest break. It’s really making me feel like a big failure. Has anyone got any suggestions for me? X

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Can you please describe what is going on physically (lungs/breathing, legs etc) and mentally at the point you stop? That way we'll be able to help you.

Thanks John for the reply.. I normally start off fine and can go for 10min with no stopping but then my calves start to hurt. Then once I stop stretch, I can go again fine. I think I’m possibly trying to go too fast.

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John_WAmbassador in reply to EllbyJ

Sounds like you've answered your own question. Are you jogging or running ?

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John_WAmbassador in reply to EllbyJ

and slowing down is almost always the answer to most people's difficulties. As you go further into C25k and especially where you have no walking breaks, people tend be going much quicker than they did in Week 1 or even 4 - they've got fitter! But doing that for 25 or 28 minutes in Week 7, 8 etc, can prove challenging and that's where you really need to pace yourself at the start.

Good luck!

Again Thanks John, I will try going slower. At the beginning it does feel too slow which is probably why I’m unconsciously speeding up. Fingers crossed!

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nowsterGraduate in reply to EllbyJ

The usual answer is to go slower. Have you seen the "Japanese Slow Running" video?

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IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to EllbyJ

What is"too slow"?

Can you speak aloud, clear, ungasping sentences as you run?.........if not, you are going too fast.

I haven’t seen this. Can you send me a link please?

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Hi RllbyJ, perhaps slow down a bit and focus on your breathing and keeping a steady pace. Try not to stop, but slow down to a walking pace until you recover, remember it’s not a race. I’m 71 and on W9R3 and found pace and breathing important to master.

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You need to slow down

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