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Two Things...


... are happening tomorrow.

1) Most importantly, my lovely wife is starting her C25K

2) I have my graduation run.

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Ooooh those are 2 excellent things! You must have inspired your wife which is brilliant 😊. And your graduation run - how exciting! There’ll be 2 tired but very happy people in your house tomorrow. Best of luck to you both 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️.


Have a great run tomorrow and all the best to your wife for her first run x

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Chrimson51

Thanks, on both our behalves.


Best of luck to both of you. 🍀🤞

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to nowster



All the best for tomorrow 🤩

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to SassyF

Thanks. I wasn't convinced I would ever get to the end when the weather turned really cold near the beginning, but now I have done 6 x 30 min runs, so tomorrow will be a gentle plod of 30.

If you have done 6 x 30 minute runs then surely you have already graduated?

Good luck have a wonderful run! And the same to your wife too!

Good luck to you and also to your wife tommorow! Such a great thing you will be able to go for runs togheter! Enjoy! 😊😊😊

Well done of both accounts. I'm running W9R3 tomorrow as well. Unfortunatly there's not a chance of getting my wife to start running.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Skyblueandblack

I hope your run goes well... how is it so far?Such a shame your wife won't go. Mine cycles and is keen to start this, but with everything else she is doing, I hope she doesn't overstretch herself.

See you back here tomorrow with our shiny GRADUATE badges...

SkyblueandblackGraduate in reply to newbie-nick

Unfortunately she's one of the 'I've never been able to run' people. She was like that when I could run 3 miles in about 20mins and I asked her to go for on evening jogs with me.Now despite seeing me get up and and do C25K 40 years later and struggling with 1min runs when I started. She still won't try it.

Sadly my pace is currently around 3k in 30 mins. But who cares....I'm running again.

See you tomorrow.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Skyblueandblack

As I type this you may be running, or you may have just graduated... either way, CONGRATULATIONS!!Such a shame that 'er indoors won't give it a try. We are all different, but it would be nice. At least you have your running.

I have just done my W9R3 graduation run, and I'm a happy bunny. My wife has just done W1R1, so I'm an even happier bunny for that.

SkyblueandblackGraduate in reply to newbie-nick

Well done. I completed mine an hour ago.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Skyblueandblack

Excellent! I am so pleased for you... now, consolidation runs! Keep going, and keep us informed. Oh, and you need your graduate badge!

Buna in reply to Skyblueandblack

Im one of those ‘i could never run’ wives..I failed at it in a training session and was fearful if I started C25K, I would fail again. So far, I havent stopped in any of the runs, but I have gone out with the approach that I could just walk if I want to...and I am now starting week 8. It is such a mental moral boost to me to have even got this far...supported by this forum. So suggest she has a go when the weather improves more consistently, and runs slowly, and see what happens.

SkyblueandblackGraduate in reply to Buna

Well done. You're nearly there now.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Buna

Buna, I am so impressed by you. It is always harder for those who think or believe that they can't do something to start, and I am always far more impressed when they do. To get to W8 for anyone is an achievement. Getting past the mental, if not physical hurdle of W5R3 is tricky, and I'm certain that many fall at this point - you have not, and consequently, you are almost at the end.Speed doesn't matter one jot. The time running is so much more important than the distance covered or the average speed, and that is what you are achieving. I know some runners that are hell-bent on a new PB, but for me simply being out in the great outdoors and enjoying whatever weather I am sent is the most enjoyable aspect; to me the distance covered is irrelevant. Yes, it's nice to go far and fast, but it really isn't the most important thing. If I never progress from 30 mins/5K I will be happy.

Stay strong for your final week and then you will be a fully-fledged runner.

Buna in reply to newbie-nick

Well you are one of the ones that inspired me, Newbie Nick! I like your attitude...just enjoy it and that is what I hope to do, just at this length and time.. and you helped me, and others, get over the hump of w5r3. I was struck there for months until I found this forum. So thanks to you and all the others, and I will do my bit to encourage. I could never have thought I could achieve this a year ago. Which is why my note to skyblueandblack...😜And congrats to you AND your wife. My husband now on week 3, aged 76!!

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Buna

I am so pleased to have been of some little assistance. I am also exceptionally pleased that you faced the challenge of W5R3 and rose to meet it - and conquered it! Self-belief and determination will overcome much that life throws at us.It is wonderful that your husband is on W3. If my memory serves me correctly; 90/90 - 3/3. 90/90 - 3/3. A rather jolly run that sets you us nicely for W4. At 76 it is not a light or insignificant undertaking, so I stand and salute him.

Have a wonderful weekend and do take care of yourself and your husband.

I'm now off to walk the dog - who has a poorly leg and will only go for a short lane walk today.


Good luck to you both !!!!

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Badrun

Thanks... all done now. 6:45 start to the run and we even met back up near the end and ran the last 100 yards together!! After almost 31 years of married life...

Very well done to the both of you!

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to First_time_runner77

Thank you. How is your running going? I'm now all done and I will start on consolidation runs next week...

Me and my better half are on to W7 and really enjoying c25k.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to First_time_runner77

That is such good news. A joint or DOUBLE celebration in a fortnight! Happy running to both of you, and I hope that the weather stays kind as you move into a Spring and Summer of glorious running.Do keep us up-to-date.

Congratulations to you both.


Congratulations to you both, and you'll be able to celebrate again in another 9 weeks 😃


Congratulations 🥂I always enjoy reading your posts. Hopefully you will keep posting to let us know how your consolidation runs go. Will Mrs newbie-nick have her own thread or are you designated secretary?

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Beach_runner

Thank you! I know my place and as 'er indoors is currently working silly hours, as well as doing her last essay before doing her masters dissertation, I shall be designated secretary. Maybe, I should go and buy some more appropriate clothing👗😲She is now thinking of taking the weekend off and starting W2 on Monday. I skipped W1 as I do a lot of hillwalking and cycling and my legs seemed happy when I ran W2R1. I'm not advocating that, but it worked for me.

Hey ho. I must away and see about collecting my car now that it has been serviced.

Take care, have a great weekend and enjoy your running.


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