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W6R3 - Done!

It's only 8am and have been out for w6r3 and am so proud of myself as I achieved it! Will be smiling all day! Who would have thought I could actually run for 25 mins and quite enjoy it...well after the first 12 minutes.

Todays challenges...during the last 5 minutes of the run blog stopped working (2nd time that's happened). Had to then look at watch and time hard with no music or Laura. Could actually hear my laboured breathing. Have to say prefer music!

Second back to the house to realise I was locked out :(. Thank god for lovely sister / brother in law who threw on some clothes and drove over my spare key!!! Now for long hot shower and some brekkie!

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25 minutes is fantastic, that's when it definitely seems achievable. Bad luck about losing Laura before the end, hope you get that fixed before week 7 R1


I do too! Not sure what has gone wrong on both occassions but don't want to lose the rythim (can't spell tonight!) and fidle with the phone so have to keep going. Really looking forward to the next one!


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