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W9R3..in pain. Need some advice.

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Hi looking for some advice. From around wk 7 I started to get a bit of a niggle on the right side of my hip, I call it a niggle as it's just kind of been there and I only feel a slight twinge every now and again when I get up after sitting down and it hasnt stopped me from running, in fact I had a great run on Sunday.. Anyway I went for a run this evening and I had to stop after 10 minutes as the pain got really bad and I walked the rest of the way home and getting up the 3 flights of stairs to my flat was a killer. It feels like it's bruised and it didnt hurt when I did the stretches. Can someone advise if I should hold off running until it completely goes away? I am so upset as I'm on my very last week/run of the app and have avoided injury until now. It might just be a normal runner's aches and pain, but obviously I don't want to make it worse.. Any advice would be really appreciated. And just to say I've been running slow so I know I am not pushing myself too hard although I did have to fight with the wind tonight.

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Sorry about your injury CJAY46, especially as it happened on your last few runs and especially run 3 of 9 of C25K, I would advise you to take several days off running, drink plenty of water and when you do resume running, run only slowly and see how it goes, if your runs are OK, then try and run for the 30 minutes to graduate, good luck.

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CJAY46 in reply to AlMorr

Thanks Almorr for the advice. I will take it easy for a while. I just hope I can continue to run.

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I am not an expert but sounds like IT band syndrome. I can imagine how upset you are. You have to take time off of running and do some strength exercises.

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CJAY46 in reply to TwiggyL

Thanks TwiggyL, I've not heard of that, I shall look it up. I will just have to stop for a while and hopefully be back running soon

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RennurGraduate in reply to CJAY46

Or maybe just a sore hip. ITB exercises are goo to do anyway.

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A couple of days rest and stretches (and maybe a short ca 15-20 minute practice run to test things out) you will smash that last run.

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CJAY46 in reply to Rennur

Thanks Rennur.. Will do

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